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I’m all about imagination, but, the connexion that the images I create and the real world is really important for me. I always want to go further into the imaginary world, but only to talk about real problems.

Being self-taught, I can only count on my feelings and my life experience. For me, photography is just a medium.

Most of the times, I’m talking about self-consciousness and about how ones feel about himself, but lately, I try to talk about less personnal subjects, an exercise that I needed to learn, asit’s not natural for me, but,I do appreciate it, and I know I need to widen my perspective to grow as an artist.

I’m always searching for new ways to express myself, without limits, and that’s what I like about my art. I really like working on composition, lights, colors,etc but my main characters are alwayshumans.It’s my way of telling people: it can be any of us.